DMD Masternode Pools

Shared Masternode Pools & Masternode Renting.

Masternode Renting

How does it Work?

- Users can rent a masternode with the payment of a fee.
- The masternodes rented are servers with dedicated IP address and configured, managed and monitored by us.
- For users to rent a masternode, they must have the 10000 DMD on their wallet, necessary to activate the masternode.

How much does it Cost?

- Renting plans available are the folowing:
      1 Month - 5DMD
      6 Months - 25DMD
      12 Months - 50DMD

How is the payment done?

- During registration Users are presented with a wallet address they must use to pay their rent, by transfering the coins to that address.
- Once a user pays for a rented masternode and press the "Confirm Payment" button, payment is verified and if confirmed, the masternode is immediately available to the users and instructions are given on how to activate the masternode.
- For the masternode activation, users will have to add an entry on their wallet configuration file.
- Masternode rewards go straight to the user's wallet.