DMD Masternode Pools

Shared Masternode Pools & Masternode Renting.

Shared Masternode Pool

How does it Work?

- Users join the pool by buying shares, the pool consists of rounds of 30 days.
- Each round has 100 shares and each share costs 100DMD.
- Users can buy as many shares as they want, and as many times as they want, until all shares are taken.
- If a user already bought some shares and want to buy additional ones, he can use the same Username, Email and Wallet address used uring the first buy, this way, adicional shares are added to the total number of shares of that user.
- Once the buy form is submited, the user must send exacly 100DMD X [number of shares bought] to the address that will be generated and shown to him only.
- Once all shares are taken, the form is disabled and bought shares are confirmed on wallet transactions.
- If 24h after all shares have been taken there are still payments to be done, those shares will be removed from the database and turned available for other users to buy, the form will be reactivated for the remaining shares.
- Once all payments are validated, the round starts.
- Each round lasts 30 days
- Users will be receiving a percentage of the masternode rewards according to the number of shares owned, a fee applies on top of that.

How Are Payments Processed?

- Users are payed weekly to the address entered during registration.
- A fee is charged on users rewards for maintenance, the longer a user is on the pool, the smaller the fee amount will be.
- The Pool fees applies the following way:
      8% for users on the pool for the first month
      6% for users on the pool for 2 months
      4% for users on the pool for 3 or more months
- At the end of each round, users receive last week's rewards and the value of the shares they bought, or the shares are reused for next rounds if the user choose to.

I don't have enough DMD to buy one share, can I still join somehow?

- Yes, Mini Shares was recently introduced, this is ideal for users that want to join the shared masternode but don't have enough DMD.
- Each Mini Share costs 20DMD, a combination of 5 mini shares fills 1 share on the pool.
- Each Pool statistics page has a link to the mini pool with mini shares if any.
- Mini shares sale is only activated when the pool is almost full, 50 mini shares will be available per Pool.

I've Chosen to reuse my shares, how can I leave the pool and receive my shares value?

- If a user chooses to reuse shares, he can ask to leave the pool at any time by sending an email to
- A few days might pass until the user receive his shares value, since we wait a couple of days for new users to by new available shares.
- After you request to leave and while we wait for new users to buy the shares, you will still be gaining your share on the pool.