DMD Masternode Pools

Shared Masternode Pools & Masternode Renting.

How it Works

Miningfield has 2 different services that take advantage of the increased reward income from Masternodes, compared with PoS:

- Masternode Rent

For those who don't have the knowledge or the time to manage a Masternode on a "dedicated" server, we setup a server and masternode for you and do all the maintenance, including package updates and securing the server. Rewards go straight to your wallet.

- Shared Masternode Pool

For those that don't have enough DMDs to start a Masternode or want to make some extra DMDs besides PoS, they can buy Pool shares.
Each Pool has 100 shares and each share costs 100DMD, users can buy as many shares as they want, once all shares are taken, the round starts.
For more information check the following link: How It Works